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Why I LOVE Senior Portraits!!!

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Why I LOVE Senior Portraits!!


If you are my age...which will soon be.. {ahem} "the big 4-0" then you probably have an old Senior photo lying around somewhere with your hand planted firmly under your chin, or your suit coat/ cardigan swung casually over your shoulder.  Kinda..BORING!!! But as with much of the photography industry...Senior portraits have changed..A LOT!  And I absolutely love it!   Today's Seniors want to express WHO they are in their photos and get creative.  Well that's music to my ears.  I adore working with these kids because they love the process and we always end up having a FABULOUS time together!!  My 2016 Seniors have been amazing so far this year and I am looking forward to more.  Here's a handful of fun Senior portraits for you to check out and get a feel for my style, and if you have a Senior student or you ARE a Senior this year...give me a call!!  I'd love to chat!


Here's to a great Senior Year!!!

Lauren & Jared - Married!! (Part 2)

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     This wedding was so great, it needed TWO separate blog posts!!  Today's post features a few more details and beautiful bridals... but mostly the ceremony and the reception. Both took place at Calvary Church in Lancaster.  The ceremony was so worshipful and beautiful!  A few tears were shed for sure!  It's my pleasure to be able to share it with you!



I just LOVED seeing the worship during this ceremony.  So beautiful!





Jared's brother shared a special song for them!



Man and Wife!!!!


LOOOOVVE this!!!!  Look how excited they are!!




Party Time!!!


Father Daughter Dance...


Mom and Son!!



This was adorable!!



What a gorgeous cake!!

Finally, after the reception, we snuck outside to get a few more portraits and also took these fun ones with Lauren's brother!




And they're off!!  BUBBBLES a plenty!!!  Congratulations Jared and Lauren!!!


Jared & Lauren - Married!!

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     So I think I was in 7th grade when I had Renee Alshouse as my Sunday School Teacher.  She was gorgeous, athletic, brainy... and very pregnant with her first baby!  As it turns out - that baby was Lauren!!  And well, the apple did not fall far from the tree.  Lauren Alshouse is, as her mother before her, gorgeous, athletic and brainy!!  And on May 16th, I had the enormous privilege of documenting the her wedding to another wonderful human being, Jared Martin.  

     Lauren and Jared met in highschool, (where apparently Jared had a crush on Lauren) and they were friends.  But they didn't really "find each other" until after highschool.  Lauren went off to Vanderbilt University in Tennessee to become a lawyer and Jared has designs on being a Naval Officer.  But somehow while pursuing their individual dreams, they also managed to dream together.  After dating for about a year, Jared brought Lauren back to the site of their very first date, and proposed.  

     And as they say - the rest is history!!  These two are so loving and kind, their love for Jesus absolutely shines through, and I am so honored to have been able to capture their beautiful wedding day!  Enjoy these images... Lauren and Jared-Married (Part1)


The Details

Lauren & Jared exchange gifts... (via iphone since they were NOT seeing each other before the ceremony!)


Time to get pretty!!!

The afore-mentioned gorgeous mother!! :)

Gifts for the ladies...

Ahhhh!!!  Getting the dress on!  One of my favorite parts!!!

Now let's check on the guys...see how they're doing!

So they apparently need to "Google" how to adjust the gorgeous watches Jared gave his groomsmen as gifts so they fit for the ceremony!

LOVE this image!! Very "Madmen!"

Handsome Groom!


Oh Ladies - Work it!!

Look at these blooms - so gorgeous!!


Ok Ladies - time for your Close ups!!


Get ready for one stunningly beautiful bride!!



These two!!!  I can't stand it!!  

You guys are the best!! 


Matt & Crystal - MARRIED!!!

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       What an amazing privilege to have been part of this beautiful wedding!! I have known Crystal for a number of years through various circles, and I met Matt last summer when I did their engagement session.  It was obvious right away how much he adored her!  These two have an enduring love which was tested by distance and time apart for much of their courtship.  Matt lived and worked in Ohio, while Crystal has a thriving Irish dancing School that she owns and operates, ( here in Ephrata.  Finally, a couple of months before their big day, Matt secured a job here, and they found a home to call their own!!  These two would finally get to be together!!  And everyone who was there on their happy wedding day knows - it was absolute perfection! 

It is my pleasure to showcase their day and tell their wedding story in the images below.  Enjoy!


The "Details..." it's the little things that say so much!!





















Getting Ready!


       Cute little side note... the girls were so CALM during this part of the day.  They were chatting, nibbling on some lunch... I think Angelina even pulled out some knitting!! (I know - total shocker!) The actual "getting ready" part was a cinch!  The guys on the other hand... well let's just say, (not usually getting to spend as much time with guys prepping on the wedding day), I had no idea the complexities of male formalwear!  Cufflinks, pocket squares, cummerbunds, button covers!!  Ahhh!!  It was a little nutty over in the guy's dressing room.  I have a whole new respect for tuxedos and the men that have to wear them!! :)









The STUNNING Result!






The Girls!





The Boys!




The Whole Wedding Party - very traditional...


Mixing it up a little...


Not so Traditional!!!  "Run for your WIFE!!!" 




The Happy Couple!









The Ceremony







Look at that face!!! 








       These images are some of my absolute favorite.  The way Matt & Crystal laughed and talked and beamed at each other while they were putting each special item into this Keepsake Box just melted my heart!  The feeling conveyed in each of these photos is priceless!





Mr. & Mrs!!!!


Haha!!  SO Cute!!!





Party Time!!

Matt & Crystal's 1st dance - a beautifully choreographed elegant!



Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances



The Crown Jewel of the reception - 

IRISH DANCING PERFORMANCES!! (Including appearances from the Bride, Groom, Maid of Honor, and flower girls!!)








Party ON!!!




Thank YOU Matt & Crystal for allowing me to share in your Wedding.  It was an honor!



(Venue: Cameron Estates Inn, Mount Joy, PA)

Veritas Academy's "Cheaper By The Dozen!"

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     I clearly remember the day my mother sat me down in our kitchen and said we needed to talk.  I was 14 or 15 years old.  "Priorities" she said.  "You need to decide what your priorities are! You simply cannot be in EVERYTHING!!"  Yup - I was one of those.  Field Hockey, Yearbook, Student Council, Choir, Youth Group, Church Choir... and now I wanted to try out for our school's production of Cheaper by the Dozen too!!  Did I remember that there was actual school work to do??   TOO MUCH!  TOO MUCH!!  

    So I sat there with my Mom and decided what to cut out and what to keep...but I was very clear in my mind - that the play was NOT going to be on the cut-list!  Well, as it turned out...I helped with makeup that year and other odds and ends.  Crew...not cast.  And that ended up being just right!  And as things have a tendancey to do... "Cheaper by the Dozen" came back around in my life.  This year, Veritas Academy performed this iconic bit of theater and I was overjoyed to be able to photograph it!  I invite you to enjoy these images as much I I did taking them, and as much as these students enjoyed making them!!



























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